Barbed wire appeared on the banks of the Amur River in the Chinese city of Fuyuan, located 65 kilometers from the Russian Khabarovsk.

This was reported by a local Chinese guide.

"The temperature has dropped. It's very cold in Fuyuan," he wrote in the caption of the photo, without commenting on the barbed wire.

Pictures taken on December 1 show that Chinese authorities have installed barbed wire along the Amur Embankment in Fuyuan, where there are accesses to the river.

Banners are installed on the barbed wire stating: "Be careful, do not cross the border", "Crossing the border is illegal, there is a penalty for this", "Maintaining the border infrastructure is the task of every citizen".

It will be recalled that 

the expansion of quarantine due to COVID-19 in China resulted in unprecedented protests

 in the western region of Xinjiang and in the capital of the country, Beijing.

A deadly fire in a high-rise building in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, has sparked public anger, killing 10 people.

After the tragic incident, it was assumed on social networks that the residents could not escape in time, as the building was partially closed. 

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