• The robbery of a gold shop in the middle of Tak, when 4 criminals with weapons

    There is a history of robbing a gold shop in Phop Phra District on February 12, 2022, sweeping 108 baht of gold and another 100,000 baht in cash before committing another outrageous act.

    Using a sound suppressor to shoot the glass in front of the gold shop shattered

  • Before invading, use a grinding machine to cut the iron bars of the gold cabinet.

    But was the owner of the gold shop

    Use a shotgun to shoot until a group of villains flee outside the store, causing one of the villains to be seriously injured.

    While starting a motorcycle to escape and another 1 person hiding in a grove was arrested by the police, while the 2 people narrowly escaped.

  • CCTV sees a clear picture while a group of villains are causing the crime.

    Driving 2 motorcycles in the back before breaking into the gold shop, Yaowarat department store

    Located opposite Tak Pittayakom School, Rift Subdistrict, Mueang District, Tak Province, and in front of the gold shop full of shops


    by the owner of the shop

    when he saw the villain armed with a weapon invade

    So he hurriedly told his wife to escape to the back of the shop.

  • Then gathered his consciousness to hide in the shelter.

    Using a Benelli M4 semi-automatic long shotgun, fire 1 shot in the air and 2 shots in the waist position to chase away the assailant.

    But when he saw the culprit turn his gun from outside the store

    therefore fired in the lumbar position again at a low angle, 1 more shot from the shooting training

    used the principle of using firearms

    to protect life and property

    Because he does not know what will happen if the villain can invade and close himself

  • Even though the villain didn't get gold, but 1 of the villains was seriously injured.

    causing the man who owns the gold shop to be concerned that he will be prosecuted for unreasonable protection

    But still think that this kind of shooting is correct.

    And later, lawyers came out to express their views that

    It is an action that is reasonable, not guilty, and from the evidence of CCTV footage, the culprit fired a gun at the gold shop.

    Considered that the danger that violates the law still exists

    Can shoot defensively, not illegal

  • But there are some who think

    The owner of the gold shop may be more defensive than reasonable.

    because the villain ran away from the store

    and not gold

    In which there was an argument that while the villain ran away outside the store, he aimed his gun and tried to shoot.

    even escaped

    considered the owner of the gold shop to protect himself legitimately

    Not more than any cause

It has become an issue of endless debate in the field of law.

But in the opinion of "Montri Tanjaisue", as a firearms expert, he saw that the case that had happened was quite borderline, it was too much protection.

or reasonable

because the criminals who entered the gold shop had guns

but the gold shop owner shot outside the shop

There were people filming clips outside the shop and saw the villains raise their guns as if they were about to fight.

Which issue is up to the court to consider whether it is unreasonable or not.

After the villain escaped

And there was a repeated shot outside the store.

“From the point of view of the gun user, this case deserves to be shot.

because the villain came in as an attacker

There is a shot of the shop window, there is a control and the bar is cut, which is considered very outrageous.

Although the principle of shooting a gun to stop a threat must be shot in the legs, but all 4 villains have guns, if it is themselves, they must shoot like this.

considered a good decision

from events that happened very quickly

Shooting in the leg is also quite difficult to stop.

Or in some cases, even if the shot did not hit the important point, but after shooting 5 shots, it could not be stopped.

The more a short gun

There is very little chance of stopping.”

Also the type of gun that the owner of the gold shop

used for self-defense, considered to be a very objective choice

Because shotguns are perfect to use when faced with situations like this when many criminals come together.

Can only fire at a short distance, no more than 25-30 meters, if the shot is closer, it can be stopped.

But if fired from a distance, the speed of the bullet will decrease.

From what I've seen in the clip, it looks like the owner of the gold shop shoots a gun in an awkward position.

Barely able to shoot in the shoulder position

considered very dangerous

If the culprit shoots a gun in the park

But if you really intend to shoot and hit the villain, think that this distance for a shotgun can cause the villain in the store to die.

must see whether the intention is for the villain to die or not

In very tight and fast situations

As for the gun that the culprit brought to cause the incident, he wondered how to use a silenced gun.

It seems to be the intention and intent of the culprit to want the sound to be quiet.

not let the outside hear

And if using a 9mm ammunition, it will be even more effective.

It was a very outrageous incident.

The shooting of the gun threatened the owner of the gold shop.

To stop the threat in the shooter's corner is quite the right decision.

Because if the villain shoots the garden

It could endanger the people in the gold shop.

“The law in our country views all kinds of firearms as serious.

Until many people do not understand that shotguns are suitable for self-defense.

Because the bullet can't go far.

It can stop better than using 9mm or .38mm ammunition. Another shotgun.

or a semi-automatic shotgun

can be occupied more easily

Just having a pellets is fine.

Makes people popular to use self-defense "