The Tainan Citizens Progressive Party Group elected city councilors Qiu Lili and Lin Zhizhan to run for the speaker and deputy speaker on behalf of the Democratic Progressive Party.

Qiu Lili announced today that if she is elected speaker, she will only serve one term.

(Photo by reporter Cai Wenju)

[Reporter Cai Wenju/Tainan Report] The election of Tainan City Council Speaker and Deputy Speaker caused civil strife within the Democratic Progressive Party. City Councilor Qiu Lili, who was elected by the Democratic Progressive Party group to run for speaker, announced today that if she is elected speaker, she will only serve for one term. After the parliamentary reform is completed, it will be handed over to the new generation.

Regarding the "disagreement" among the party's regular congressmen on the candidate for the deputy speaker of Tainan City, Qiu Lili also called on the leader of the regular congress and the legislative president, You Xikun, to come out and restrain the local regular congress members.

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Qiu Lili said that among the colleagues who voiced opposition, many of them belonged to the National Assembly in factions within the party. If the members of the National Assembly collectively opposed the resolution of the Tainan City Council Democratic Progressive Party Group, I hope that the Legislative President You Xikun should speak out and restrain Here are the regular members of the National Assembly in the following places, and these are all people who have been endorsed by President You on the platform.

She emphasized that she will not put personal political interests first. If the basic original intention of joining the DPP is gone, and it is only for personal political self-interest, then this political party should review. She hopes that the DPP can be united.

Therefore, she also hereby announces that if she is elected as the speaker, she will only serve as the speaker for one term. In her hands, she can properly reform the parliament and hand it over to the new generation.

Qiu Lili said that, in addition, some party members and supporters expressed that if the DPP runs out of votes again, it will initiate the removal of vote-runners in one year. She believes that it will not go to this point, and she will work hard to integrate different voices in the party. , and communicate and coordinate with the opposition parties.