@Amornsiri Boonyasit organizes the award ceremony The Thailand Wonders Best Beauty Award 2022 for 20 leading Thai and international beauty brands, with Yanintorn Temeebutr, Nap Jira Watcharapraphas and Tarinthip Singhakarn also attended the event.

At Siam Paragon the other day.@

Democracy is about conscience, not letters.

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Saturday, December 10, 2022 issue

  • "Thanu Thep" is stationed to serve the readers.

    ...today matches

    constitution day

    In the time when the majority of people who love democracy

    Call for a constitutional amendment to make it democratic, while many political parties

    tried to claim that it was

    Democratic Party

    To use as a weapon against the opponent is primarily rather than aiming to solve

    Constitutional Rules

    to be truly democratic

    The Thai constitution therefore has an amphibian state until today.

The end of life, Chuan Leekpai, President of the National Assembly presided over the cremation ceremony for Rak Nguansiri, the father of Worawit Nguansiri, with Chumphon Sampaothong, Sanchai Lomneenopparat, Somphob Khudtuk, Chatchawan Chayabutr and Nantapong. Kaewsri also attended the ceremony at Wat Bang Toey the other day.

  • Sigh...after Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra, Chairman of the Participation and Innovation Advisor of the Pheu Thai Party and the head of the Pheu Thai family.

    Come out to open the campaign policy of the Pheu Thai Party that if it becomes a government after the election

    Thai people will receive a minimum wage of at least 600 baht per day, with a bachelor's degree salary of 25,000 baht or more.

Necessity Asawin Techajaroenvikul

CEO of BJC Big C Group gave a special lecture on the topic

"Necessary skills to step into the labor market in leading national and international organizations" at the PSU Academic event, with Asst. Prof. Dr. Pongthep Suteerawut joining the audience

At Prince of Songkla University, Trang Campus, the other day.

  • on the part of the government

    Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, came out to protest that

    Have to see if it can actually be done or not.

    to do this

    It's not easy to do.

    Must see if there are any impacts or not. In order to increase wages, it must be considered by the committee of the 3 parties involved, having to see if investors and entrepreneurs can handle it or not.

    Today it is already different in terms of wages.

    Skilled labor wages are high, even higher than 600 baht per day.

    But all must listen to entrepreneurs too. The public must benefit.

    We must support them to get wages according to their actual capabilities.

Awarding Amornsiri Boonyasit, organizing an award ceremony, The Thailand Wonders Best Beauty Award 2022, for 20 leading Thai and international beauty brands, with Yanintorn Temeeybutr, Phajira Watcharapraphas and Tarinthip Singhakarn also attended the event.

At Siam Paragon the other day.

  • While the person directly responsible for labor, such as Labor Minister Suchat Chomklin, posted on Facebook in response to the Pheu Thai Party's announcement of a policy to raise wages to 600 baht per day, stating that the Pheu Thai Party will campaign whatever

    The economic catastrophe should also be taken into account.

    Don't campaign for fun like this.

    'Cause what I'm saying is like throwing a ticking time bomb

    business owner

    This kind of campaign throws a burden on the private sector, but he gets the vote.

    is wrong

    In addition, it will affect

    foreign investors

    will not dare to invest

    Saying this has a detrimental effect on the entire economy.

    If you want to campaign for something

    The economic catastrophe should also be taken into account.

130th Palin Wongleechareon held an event to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Hamilton watches with the launch of the new model “Hamilton Khaki Field MURPH 38 mm.” and “Black & Gold Collection” with Nattawut Trivisvavet and Wannasingh. Prasertkul also joined the event.

At the Kimpton Malai Hotel the other day.

  • Prasa "Thanuthep" views that the announcement of political party campaign policies

    It is normal to try to create a dream for the villagers to

    Pulling votes, but in the end, can it really be done?

    is another matter, while the rival party

    had to bring up reasons to explain and clarify for the villagers to understand before they got lost. End of news.

Don't miss Chakkrit Keeratichokchaikul organizing the event "Power Mall Electronica", a great exhibition of electrical appliances and IT products to end the year, held until January 4, 2023, with Siriporn Jaisa-ad, Natsamon Wongkittipat, Pramee Thongcharoen and Song Han Jung also attended.

at the Emporium the other day.

  • Frankly ... on Dec. 8, Money and Banking Magazine together with professors at the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn, ranked Thai stock millionaires of the year 2022, measured by major shareholders.

    Type of natural person in the country

    The top 10 shareholders of the listed companies in

    The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the mai market according to the latest shareholder register book closure before September 30, 2022...it appears that

    The 2022 Thai Stock Millionaire Champion is still Sarat Ratanavadi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

    and Chief Executive Officer, Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited

    is the champion for the 4th consecutive year, holding shares with the highest value as No. 1, totaling 218,981.58 million baht, increasing wealth by 45,881.86 million baht ... No. 2 Panicha Dao, No. 1 largest shareholder of PA Plc. SG Corporation (PSG) in the proportion of 80%, the total value of shares held is 81,630.58 million baht...3rd place is Dr. Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth, the owner of the hospital group.

    Bangkok and Bangkok Airways dropped from second place last year.

    By holding shares with a total value of 62,735.68 million baht, an increase of 4,517.85 million baht ... Rank 4 Niti Osathanugrah

    Heir of Osotsapa Kingdom, down from 3rd place last year.

    with the value of shares held 58,124.00 million baht, an increase of 1,870.84 million baht ... Rank 5 Sompoch Ahunai, owner of Energy Absolute Public Company Limited (EA), energy business, down from 4th place last year by EA shares held in the proportion of 11.05% with a total value of 36,366.27 million baht, a decrease of 16,660.08 million baht


    and Group Chief Executive Officer

    Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Plc.

    up from rank 21 last year

    By holding shares worth 35,001.87 million baht, an increase of 20,950.06 million baht ... No. 7 Chuchart Petampai fell from 6th place last year.

    by holding shares worth 26,518.07 million baht, a decrease of 15,133.90 million baht...

    No. 8 Daonapha Petcharampai holds MTC shares worth 26,100 million baht, down 15,840.00 million baht ... Rank 9 Anan Asavaphokin, owner of Land and Houses, moved up from 12th place last year by holding shares of Land Plc. and houses (LH) worth 25,454 million baht, an increase of 2,717 million baht ... Rank 10 Keeree Kanjanapas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTS Group Holdings Plc. (BTS), with the total value of shares held 22,702.45 million baht, a decrease of 1,929.78 million baht...this event

    The moths could only keep their eyes wide open.

You can go shopping. Linda Lim, Ian Lim and Isaret Chirathivat opened the latest "Nike" store.

Ready to provide a 360-degree shopping experience that meets the needs of customers, with Maneechan Smithisomboon, Pornthip Suwitruangrit and Warodom Pranboonpluk attending the event.

at Central World the other day.

  • General society...Marriage ceremony of Patravadi Sattabut, daughter Somjai-Jiranut Sattabut and Jarukrit Chomklin, son Chotika Chomklin, at Baan Chai Klong, No. 71 Soi Ratchadaphisek 66 Ngamwongwan, Bang Sue 10 th Feb. 7:30 a.m.

The body of Thonglor Kraithong was set to pray in the Memorial Hall.

Wat Phra Sri Mahathat, Bang Khen, 18.30, 10 Dec. Last night, royal cremation 11 Dec. 17.00

The body of Rak Nguansiri, Father Worawit Nguansiri, set up a prayer at Wat Bang Toey, Bueng Kum, 10 Dec. Last night, cremation ceremony 11 Dec. 5:00 p.m.

Let Nong Wannipa Rungrueng, Senior Director, Bank of Ayudhya and Narut Jeansong, Vice President, Officer of Major Cineplex Group, donate burgers, pies, milk cartons, popcorn and drinking water.

for the students of the School for the Deaf with Wimon Khamkajon as the recipient

At the School for the Deaf, Chonburi province, the other day.

"The Archer"