The students taught the ambassador to hold a brush and write calligraphy.

(Provided by Xinjia Elementary School)

[Reporter Xu Lijuan/Kaohsiung Report] The ambassadors of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, St. Christopher, and Nevis, Taiwan's diplomatic relations in the Caribbean, followed yesterday's visit to Daoming Middle School in Kaohsiung. Today (9 Day) Continue to visit Xinjia Elementary School in Fengshan District. Students perform "Dou Zui Drum Ballad" to welcome guests. The ambassadors also experience tug-of-war, robot show and calligraphy.

Xinjia Elementary School pointed out that in order to welcome foreign guests, the school planned the "Ambassador Lecture" event.

Ambassador Louis and Ambassador Fan Dongya respectively introduced the culture and characteristics of the three countries in English in a lively, interesting and game way, and brought local commemorative gifts. The students also communicated with the ambassadors and answered questions in fluent English. Demonstrate the results of bilingual education.

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St. Kitts and Nevis Ambassador Fan Dongya said that the students' responses and answers were very smooth, generous and kind, which exceeded his expectations. He hoped that the students of both sides would have further opportunities for exchanges in the future.

The school also arranges special course experience activities and invites the ambassadors to participate. The ambassadors not only end up playing tug-of-war with the students, but they are also very pleasantly surprised by the performances of robots controlled by sound sensors in the "Robot Dance" and "Robot Creative Track Show". Commend students for their technical, programming, and creative talents.

Finally, the ambassadors also experienced the art of "calligraphy" and completed the Spring Festival couplets with a pen.

Student Yang Yancheng said that he was very excited to see the ambassadors of countries with diplomatic relations. Their speeches were very interesting, and the students also raised their hands to answer questions and received gifts from the ambassadors. He also tried to listen to them speak English, although some had accents. I don't know much about it, but it's a rare experience.

Student Chen Weiyu said that through the introduction of the local culture of his country by the ambassadors, he had a better understanding of the countries of the Caribbean Sea and benefited a lot.

Xue Ruijun, the principal of Xinjia Elementary School, said that today he had an appointment with the ambassador to complete a cultural exchange feast. Through the ambassador's visit and speeches and exchanges, teachers and students can better understand the culture of the country with diplomatic relations and deepen the two-way exchanges between the two countries. The school also fully conveys Taiwan's soft power In addition to expanding the international vision of teachers and students, the activities also enhance students' understanding of international culture and their ability to participate.

Students interacted enthusiastically with the ambassadors in English.

(Provided by Xinjia Elementary School)

The ambassadors of countries with diplomatic relations with the Caribbean Sea experienced calligraphy and writing Spring Festival couplets with the students.

(Provided by Xinjia Elementary School)

Ambassadors and schoolchildren experience tug-of-war.

(Provided by Xinjia Elementary School)

The ambassadors experience the robotics course.

(Provided by Xinjia Elementary School)