Learn and understand K-Culture more. The National Museum of Korea, in collaboration with the Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, Thailand, organizes the exhibition "New Experiences: Korean Art in a Virtual World" for Thai people who are familiar with Korean culture.

And on the other hand, it is considered an exhibition that is meaningful to K-Culture culture

because it brings Korean traditional cultural heritage through video with digital virtual technology.

which is considered a new type of exhibition

and hopes that this exhibition will help create a better understanding of the Buddhist belief culture of both countries.

which viewers can easily understand the content at the National Museum, Bangkok, today until May 21, 2023

In this regard, Mr. Phanombut Chantrachot, Director-General of the Fine Arts Department

Discuss academic cooperation and exchange

Cultural change together this time that

On the occasion of the country

Thailand hosts the APEC Leaders' Meeting

to express cultural links between the two countries

National Museum of Korea and Fine Arts Department

Ministry of Culture

Therefore jointly organize this exhibition to reinterpret traditional cultural heritage of Korea.

By using immersive digital media as a tool to create a virtual learning atmosphere, the National Museum of Korea has also brought a large stone sculpture representing Buddhist symbols to exhibit together with Thai sculptures.

To be used as a storytelling medium for audiences to be able to access and understand the beliefs

of Korean Buddhism easily

Phanombut Chantarachot and Yoon Sung Yong jointly opened the exhibition.

Korea's cultural heritage in virtual digital form.

Yoon Sung Yong, Director General

The National Museum of Korea said the exhibition was the first meeting between the cultural heritage of the two countries.

There are 2 statues of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara from both countries displayed together.

which were built in different places

and lasts longer than 1,

000 years ago, as well as the meeting between traditional and modern traditions.

Through two virtual reality digital films produced by the National Museum of Korea, “Journey of the Soul” and “The Procession of Legions and People,” these stories are evident in the paintings.

"The Ten Yamas" and "Ui-Kwe" Records of the Royal Court of the Joseon Dynasty

It is a treasure that is kept in the National Museum of Korea and is protected by UNESCO in its content.

The “spirit journey” with digital technology will take us across to the afterlife.

Judgment and the cycle of death are born according to Buddhist concepts. In "The procession of the legion and the people", you can experience the atmosphere of the great and beautiful rituals of the Confucian tradition of the Joseon period.

It is the awakening of the K-Culture trend to come back to life.

Let us learn the story of the past at the present time vividly.