A woman surnamed Xie in Kaohsiung encountered a scam when she invested in a "life business". The police said, "Who would take a loan if you make such a good profit?" and saved Xie's millions of savings.

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[Reporter Chen Wenchan/Kaohsiung Report] A woman surnamed Xie in Kaohsiung encountered a scam when she invested in a "life business". She went to a bank in Fengshan District to withdraw a deposit of one million yuan. It suddenly dawned on me to keep my savings of 1 million yuan.

The Wenshan Office of the Fengshan Police Sub-bureau received a notification from the bank that a woman surnamed Xie (64 years old) went to the Fengshan District Bank the day before yesterday to withdraw 1 million yuan in cash to invest in "Life Career". She notified the police to help understand the situation. Field understanding.

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Xie Nv said that she wanted to buy multiple spiritual bone pagodas. Police officer Huang Yaping said, "The other party told you to invest, and after buying it, you will resell something. This is 100% a fraud!" Tell her about the fraud in the spiritual bone pagoda, and she will definitely There was a business approach for selling spiritual bone towers, saying that they would help find a buyer and other reasons, which convinced the woman that the spiritual bone tower was a very popular investment project, but in fact, the buyer who the business said was about to buy the tower space was actually a member of the same group of fraudulent syndicates, so it must be done afterwards. No one is going to buy the Spirit Bone Tower.

After Mrs. Xie realized that it was a fraudulent method, she was worried that if she didn’t buy it, she would face liquidated damages. The police reassured Mrs. Xie, “If the other party can’t deceive you, they will find another target and won’t file a civil lawsuit with you.” Only then did Mrs. Xie rest assured to block the opponent.

Police officer Huang Yaping thoughtfully helped the woman change her mind, "Today is a saving of 1 million!" Mrs. Xie agreed with the police statement, and police officer Zhang Fuyi further said, "If it is so easy to make money, who wants to borrow money from the bank?" He laughed and promised the police that they would invest through proper channels.

The Fengshan police appeal to the public to have a correct investment mentality, follow open and secure channels, and establish awareness of fraud prevention. As long as you find words such as "remittance", "transfer" or "investment" in the dialogue, you must be vigilant and respond. Remember to check in detail, or call 165 for verification, so as not to let the hard-earned money fall into the hands of fraudulent groups.