Ke Xueqin, a retired associate professor of the Department of Fashion Design, Pingtung University of Science and Technology, learned to operate a stacker and a crane.

(Photo by reporter Luo Xinzhen)

[Reporter Luo Xinzhen/Pingtung Report] In February this year, Ke Xueqin, an associate professor who retired from the Fashion Design Department of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, went to Pingtung County Labor University to learn operating skills such as stackers and cranes, and successfully passed the exam. 2 licenses, now I drive stackers and cranes in my factory every day, and I want to continue to learn how to drive bobcats and strange hands in order to facilitate farming and walk out of a wonderful super slash life.

The Labor University of Pingtung County, run by the Pingtung County Government, held its 3rd Achievement Exhibition today (9th). Ke Xueqin, who won the "Interdisciplinary Talent Award" received special attention; she is 60 years old and has a doctorate in Japan. Studying and living in Japan for 13 years, she was deeply inspired by the concept that labor equals longevity. She said that the era of senior labor has begun. She once asked herself what she would do next after retirement, so she analyzed the needs of the Taiwanese market and found that there was a shortage. The work is serious, and there is a timber factory at home, and she doesn't know the relevant skills, so she decided to go to Labor University to learn how to drive a crane and a stacker.

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Ke Xueqin said that the teacher patiently guided her in class, and she often went to relevant venues to practice after school, and successfully obtained the certificates of cranes and stackers. Now she is operating and working in the factory at home every day. In the future, she still wants to continue learning Heavy machinery such as bobcats and strange hands will also be helpful to agriculture such as mushroom planting that has already been invested; she encourages everyone to get more certificates when they are young, which will be helpful for career planning.

Huang Dinglun, director of the Labor and Youth Development Department of Ping County Government, said that the county government will open the first Pingtung County Labor University in 2020, combining the policy of youth returning to hometown and promoting youth entrepreneurship, and cooperating with academia, industry and associations. Orientation offers various courses. This year, there are 24 courses including large truck license examination class, stacker license class, fixed crane training class, confinement personnel training class, video photography application class, and video editing practice class, with a total of 882 course hours Hours, more than 775 people signed up, and a total of 420 students participated in the course.

Ping County Labor University released its achievements today. Ke Xueqin (right), a retired associate professor of the Department of Fashion Design of Ping University of Science and Technology, was awarded the "Interdisciplinary Talent Award" by Huang Dinglun (left), director of labor and youth.

(Photo by reporter Luo Xinzhen)

Pingtung Labor University, run by the Pingtung County Government, held its 3rd Achievement Exhibition today (9th).

(Photo by reporter Luo Xinzhen)