Traffic to the "Danube Bridge" border crossing is again hampered by stopped heavy trucks.

This morning, the queue exceeded 30 kilometers, and the speed with which the column was moving was one kilometer per hour, BNR reported.

The traffic jam in the area of ​​the Danube Bridge border crossing has been going on for a week, but this morning the traffic was particularly heavy, reported travelers from the town of Marten, neighboring Ruse.

After a new traffic organization was introduced last week, it turned out that this is not a solution to the problem, commented the mayor of Ruse, Pencho Milkov, who is aware of the situation.

Heavy traffic at the Danube Bridge-Ruse this morning

"The good news is that in the short term, the police is not doing everything possible, but more than possible. Reserve forces and funds have been withdrawn, and the other thing is that within days I expect the start of construction on the buffer parking lot," said Pencho Milkov.

According to data from the Customs Agency, nearly 3,000 trucks have passed through the Danube Bridge checkpoint to enter and exit our country in the last 24 hours alone.

kilometer queue


Danube Bridge checkpoint