10 December, the day of remembrance of the first constitution of Thailand.

which His Majesty King Prajadhipok, Rama VII, bestowed upon the people of Thailand

on December 10, 1932

It's been 90 years since we had a constitution.

(Constitution) written version

It is the highest law to govern the country.

Throughout the past 90 years, Thailand has gone through an era.

through many events

the whole era under a total dictatorship

crescent-half democratic era

or that we are almost close to full democracy

from the 1940 constitution

If since the first constitution

to the current edition

We went through revolutions and coups.

Tear up the constitution and then draft it again.

Shred and rebuild up to 20 times (the most in the world)

Government in Thailand's democratic system has always been ups and downs.

And the constitution of the year 1960 is the 20th constitution that has asserted that

“Drafted for us”

It has been active for 5 years to continue the power of the NCPO under the leadership of "Big Tu" Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and the 3-year power network.

Until being branded as one of the most underrated constitutions for the Thai people

Because the 3 pillars are the executive branch, the legislative branch.

and the judiciary

to keep balancing

from current conditions

There is no balance left.

become an executive

with the judiciary

with strong power

The legislative branch most likely to be linked to the power of the people.

Today is no different from a lame duck who can't do anything.

It's just a rubber stamp for the management.

who do whatever it takes to bonsai the legitimacy of the legislature

The most obvious reflection is the nickname of the 2021 Council given by the parliamentary media.

"The House of Worship" is the nickname of the House of Representatives and the "senate elders guarding the inheritance (NCPO)".

is a reflection that shows that

government which is the executive branch

complete seizure of the legislative branch

What if the coalition government did not split up among themselves?

Successful completion of every emotion.

But if there is a game of wrestling


There may be some stumbles.

and with the nickname "Wrecked Council" that the media has given to the Council to date, the situation is even more serious.

The quorum collapses every week, but the government, especially the leading party like Palang Pracharat,

do not think to do anything

Especially the chairman of the government whip

who is responsible for coordinating work in the council smoothly

instead of acting as a coordinator

but pushing to co-ordinate

Every time the council collapses

blame the opposition

Not blaming yourself for not doing your job well enough

waste of strength

MP for many years

But the prestige did not reach

Like "Weerakorn Khampraphap" MP Palang Pracharat

same party people

Set up people who don't look appropriate.

Because the Prime Minister keeps listening to the flattery of people close to him

is another proof that

this authority

The head of the legislature was not seen.

Does not give value to work in the council

Because he only took time to manage power for himself.

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