The final round of the 2022 World Cup has reached the final 8 teams.

Which while waiting to see which team will be the 4 Phra Kan teams that will successfully penetrate to the playoffs

Today, let's try to check that since the "World Cup 2022" has played against each other, there are players who have shown excellent form that has increased the value.

The first is Josco Guardiol, the 20-year-old Croatian national team defender, who showed strong form for the Croatian defense, helping the team concede only 2 goals. In the air and on the ground, last summer, there was news that Leipzig rejected the 80 million euro fee (about 2,943 million baht) of the 20-year-old defensive line that Man City offered.

But after the end of the World Cup, it seems that the price should go up even more.

Next up is Ajax's Ghanaian midfielder Mohammed Kudus.

who showed outstanding form in the midfield of the Black Star Army to drive the offensive game

Especially the breakthrough moment that scored 2 single shots in a game that overtook South Korea 3-2, still impresses until now.

Until making all the giants in Europe look into each other's eyes sparkling

As for Ajax, prepare to wait for the money.

Followed by Sofiane Amrabat, a diligent midfielder of the Moroccan national team who excels in midfield, helping both cut the game and connect the game with friends.

Until becoming one of the main forces that

"Atlas Lion" is indispensable.

Good form, even with the news of Jurgen Klopp, the boss of Liverpool.

Secretly sneaked to talk to the agent already.

followed by Enzo Fernandez, the diligent midfielder of Benfica's Argentine national team

who shone with a beautiful shot in the game, helping "Blue White" smash Mexico 2-0, after that the subject was constantly sent down as the real

Because he can play both as a defensive midfielder and a shaper.

until making news that Real Madrid is also on the prowl

Another strong player overtaking the curve is Gonzalo Ramos.

Young striker for the Portuguese national team

Before, almost no one knew about it, but played one match as a firework, hitting a hat-trick in the 6-1 thrashing of Switzerland in the round of 16 teams, causing the value to skyrocket.

Last but not least, Kodi Kagpo, the Netherlands international striker, is already a famous player and a target for Manchester United.

United long before the World Cup, the price is already at a relatively high level.

Believe that at the end of this World Cup, the value of the figure has risen quite a bit after pressing 3 Tung in this World Cup.

That said, this is just the price, just finishing the round of 16 teams. If anyone can win the world championship, then there is a chance that the price should increase several times!!

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