An effective sentence of four years and eight months and a fine of BGN 1,000 was given to senior sailor Zh.Zh., who was convicted on the indictment of the Military District Prosecutor's Office-Sliven for crimes committed by him in the period February 2018 - April 2019 against the identity of two women, one of whom is his own minor daughter.

The decision is of the Supreme Court of Cassation and entered into force on 24.11.2022.


was found guilty of creating and distributing pornographic materials, repeatedly threatening and forcing a foreign woman to have sexual intercourse with him, lewd acts without intercourse with a minor and forced intercourse with a foreign woman.

The court in Varna remanded a defendant in custody for fornication with a minor

The convicted senior sailor was taken into custody immediately after receiving the first report against him in early June 2019, and since then he has not left custody, according to the military district prosecutor's office.

On the day of the report, urgent investigative actions were carried out, leading to the discovery of illegally possessed firearms and ammunition in his home.

The evidentiary materials for this crime have been separated in another criminal proceeding.

It ended earlier - in May 2020, with an effective conviction of two years and three months in prison and a fine of BGN 4,000.