Because a photo was insinuated as black money by the outside world, Qiu Lili, a candidate for the Democratic Progressive Party's Tainan City Council Speaker, said today, "Am I black money?"

(Photo by reporter Cai Wenju)

〔Reporter Cai Wenju/Tainan Report〕A framed picture of a party related to the Tainan Xuejia shooting case and the executive member of the Democratic Progressive Party Guo Zaiqin participated in the same frame.

Chiu Lili, a candidate for the Democratic Progressive Party's Tainan City Council, said today, "Am I black gold?"

Qiu Lili said that she has reported the incident to the police twice, and will file an aggravated defamation and public insult complaint against the netizens on PTT and those who provided photos who insinuated her as black money.

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Qiu Lili said that before the election (the election of the chairman and deputy speaker), there has been a lot of uproar in the society, a bunch of negative news, and she will take further legal action, because she has been splashed with dirty water again and again, and the people will think that she is the dirty water, so she feels that enough is enough, these are false allegations.

Qiu Lili explained that the photo was taken in Tainan City after the death of the former Deputy Speaker. Several colleagues were chatting in the party group, because some people had to run the booth, so they arranged to continue the chat in the evening, and some colleagues brought their children to participate. It was as early as in Tainan City Before the by-election of the deputy speaker, she was unrestrained by the media, and even questioned by colleagues in the party. She was asked to explain what she and her colleagues had dinner and chatted with, which was really outrageous.

She said that as for Chairman Guo Xinliang, she personally would not consult with him privately, because there is no integrity at all, and this part will be left to the party's steering group and Mayor Huang Weizhe to decide.