Russian President

Vladimir Putin

spent years investing heavily in strategic nuclear weapons instead of developing a conventional military.

This mistake cost the Russian army a failure during the invasion of Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian publicist and sociologist

Andriy Piontkovsky

in a conversation with the Russian human rights activist and blogger Mark Feigin.

According to him, Putin believed in "the grandest fake, which played a big role in the country's history, in its last step into the abyss."

As the expert noted, "

the cry that the USA is creating a system capable of protecting them from a nuclear response and making us defenseless was the alpha and omega of Russian foreign policy


Piontkovsky reminded that for the USA, even one nuclear warhead that fell on its territory is unacceptable damage.

According to him, the Russian nuclear forces, in whatever condition they are, can cope with such a task, which is a guarantee of mutual nuclear deterrence.


But the apparently illiterate lieutenant colonel (Putin — ed.)... was convinced by some swindlers from the design bureaus that the existing nuclear weapons system is not enough

, that new types of nuclear weapons must be created for Russia. A lot of money was spent — all these "Poseidons" Sarmatians"... I was especially fascinated by nuclear-powered nuclear missiles capable of moving along an infinitely unpredictable trajectory. This exercise very quickly ended in a disaster in the North Sea, when a dozen and a half developers from the nuclear institute died," the expert said.

As Piontkovsky emphasized, "

colossal funds were invested in completely unnecessary things

," because one missile will in any case reach the territory of the United States in the event of an exchange of nuclear strikes.

"But fortunately for humanity and the Ukrainian Armed Forces

, these huge investments in absolutely senseless strategic nuclear capabilities responded to the fact that it turned out to be an army naked in the most important characteristics of a conventional war

... Tank armies were defeated in the first days of the war, when they lined up in senseless columns on the march to Kyiv... There is no dominance in the air of the Russian aviation... Then it turned out that this was an artillery war, and it turned out that the HIMARS howitzers and missile systems are generations superior to the corresponding Russian weapons... The army turned out to be just as complete a fake" , he declared.

It will be recalled that earlier, SBU Reserve Major General

Viktor Yagun

told what tactics the Russian leadership used when planning a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

According to him, the Russian Federation was completely unprepared for a long war.

Viktor Yagun also noted that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia has significantly depleted its stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, which will take years to replenish.

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