The Xinyi Sports Center in Taipei City was refurbished, and the Japanese mysterious gym "initial load training equipment" was introduced for the public to experience.

(Provided by Taipei City Sports Bureau)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] Taipei City Xinyi Sports Center was closed on July 6 this year, and more than 70 million yuan was invested in four months to renovate and renovate. It has been completed and will reopen tomorrow (December 10). American professional baseball star Ichiro Suzuki once used the "initial load equipment" for training, which is provided for the public to experience. Detailed usage rules, venue reservations and course registration can be found on the official website of Xinyi Sports Center.

The renovation project of the Xinyi Sports Center is based on the "Law on Promoting Private Participation in Public Construction", introducing private investment, and the operation team will renovate the venue and purchase a number of sports facilities and equipment, spending more than 70 million yuan to optimize the facilities of the original venue, December 1 Trial operation, official opening tomorrow.

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The Sports Bureau pointed out that the Xinyi Sports Center reopened after renovation, in addition to optimizing the environment of the original sports facilities, the original classrooms were transformed into spacious and comfortable sports classrooms, and a digital sign-in system was added outside each classroom to make student registration more convenient; A new golf simulation practice room was added on the first floor, and the "initial load training equipment" of the mysterious Japanese gym was introduced.

According to the Sports Bureau, the Xinyi Sports Center cooperates with Taipei City's sports policies and the promotion of seniors, and actively organizes activities such as multi-sport studies, senior-related courses, public welfare courses, health lectures, and various sports competitions, taking into account sports of different age groups and diverse ethnic groups. Recreation demand drives Taipei's sports atmosphere and moves towards the goal of a sports and healthy city.

Taipei City Xinyi Sports Center was refurbished to optimize the original venue and various sports facilities.

(Provided by Taipei City Sports Bureau)

After 4 months of renovation, the Taipei Lutheran Sports Center will reopen tomorrow.

(Provided by Taipei City Sports Bureau)