to Ukraine Bridget Brink believes that Moscow can end the war against Ukraine if it wants to.

President-dictator Vladimir Putin can do it just today.

Brigitte Brink expressed this opinion in an interview with Channel 24.

According to her, in particular, the Kremlin "Fuhrer" needs to withdraw his army.

"How and when the war will end depends on President Zelensky. President Biden emphasized this very clearly. If the Russians want to stop the war, then Putin can do it just today. He can stop, withdraw his troops and the war will end. Support is very important for us your democratically elected president and the right of Ukrainians to protection," the diplomat said. 

It will be recalled that the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, was indignant that the United States does not allow Ukraine to be bombed, providing the Armed Forces with air defense systems, and

predicted that because of this, "the war will continue until at least 2025." 

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