Military expert Oleg Zhdanov does not rule out the possibility that the Russian military, which is engaged in programming the flight paths of missiles, can transmit this information through intelligence sources.

Zhdanov said this during the evening broadcast on his YouTube channel.

"The probability that the Cheetah anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery installation or a man with MANPADS will be standing in the place where the missile will fly is very small. The fact that the Russian military, which is engaged in programming the routes of the missile's flight, can "spill" this information through some intelligence sources, I suppose. It is possible that one of the components of the success of our fight against missile attacks of the Russian Federation may be that we roughly know the areas or routes that these missiles take," he noted.

It will be recalled that on Thursday, December 8, Russian terrorists fired missiles at the Kharkiv region.

Air defense shot down some of the missiles in the Kharkiv region, but one of them hit a residential building. 

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