Private Nikola Penchev, a veteran of the Second World War from the village of Zlatna Niva, who is also an honorary citizen of the Kaspichan municipality, celebrated his 101st birthday today. 

During a celebration in the community center of the village, graduates of the local kindergarten "Red Riding Hood" and of the family-type accommodation center for children without disabilities "Sun" in Kaspichan congratulated the veteran with songs, dances and participation in military games.

He also received gifts, including a cake from a private company.

On the day of his personal celebration, his daughter was by his side. 

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Nikola Penchev received congratulations on his birthday from all the people's representatives from the Shumen constituency - Ralitsa Todorova, Ilter Beizatov, Academician Nikolay Denkov, Mustafa Karadayi, Hamid Hamid, Ivan Ganchev, as well as from the regional governor Prof. Hristo Hristov, the mayors of Shumen , Kaspichan and the village of Zlatna Niva, the chairman of the regional organization of the Union of Bulgarian War Veterans, representatives of the Association of Bulgarian Veteran Peacemakers, the Shumen Military District and residents of the village of Zlatna Niva. 

Nikola Penchev participated in the Second World War, he served in the Sixth Infantry Regiment as a machine gunner and despite his advanced age, he keeps the memory of his wounding in 1944 in the battles near Strazhin and Stratsin.

Penchev was born in the village of Zgorigrad, Vrachansko.

At the age of 25, he moved with his family to the village of Zlatna Niva, Kaspichan municipality, where he lives to this day, notes the Military District in Shumen, writes BTA.


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