Legislative by-election candidate Wu Yinong has been criticized by the Kuomintang for his political views on relocating the Songshan Airport.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xinde)

[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] Aiming at the by-election candidate Wu Yinong of the Democratic Progressive Party’s Taipei 3rd Constituency, he proposed that the third runway of Taoyuan Airport will be relocated to Songshan Airport in 2030, and a park will be built on the original site. Lin Jiaxing, deputy chairman of the KMT’s Cultural Communication Association I questioned that Songshan Airport is an important hub for national security and national defense, and has multiple functions such as military affairs and international politics. Does Wu Yinong, who was once a staff member of the National Security Council, know nothing about it?

The Democratic Progressive Party has this kind of "national defense professional" legislative candidate. Wouldn't the professional officials of the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation want to "look at the farmers and sigh"?

Lin Jiaxing said that before 2015, legislator Yao Wenzhi declared on behalf of Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen that "I hope Songshan Airport will be relocated by the end of 2020." After Tsai Ing-wen won the election, Songshan Airport has no relocation plan. The relocation of the airport is a big project, and it is not useful to throw out a campaign check during the election. Wu Yinong should first ask President Tsai Ing-wen why the check for the relocation of the airport bounced?

Which one will support Tsai Ing-wen, Vice President Lai Qingde, or Premier Su Zhenchang?

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Lin Jiaxing said that Chen Shih-chung, the lost mayor of the Democratic Progressive Party of Taipei and former Minister of Health and Welfare, once pointed out that "this is a big issue that needs to be discussed together. It will not be thrown out suddenly during the election. During the election To bring up such an issue suddenly, frankly speaking, the operational factor is far greater than the expected component of municipal construction." Wu Yinong proposed the relocation of Songshan Airport this time, shouldn't he visit Chen Shizhong first, and Qiao explain it first?

Lin Jiaxing questioned Wu Yinong's personality as a "national defense professional" and ran for the legislator with the main axis of "strengthening national security". Didn't he know that the existence of Songshan Airport is related to national security?

Wu Yinong said that after the completion of the third runway of Taoyuan Airport in 2030, Songshan Airport will be relocated and the original site will be rebuilt into a park. When the media questioned the feasibility of the political views, he would only jump the needle "Our political views are feasible", but for the existing How to solve the national security needs, but there is no inkling, and the political opinions are hastily thrown out without listening to the actual needs of the local people and the ideas of all walks of life.

He criticized, did Wu Yinong think that the relocation of Songshan Airport was like playing Monopoly, and that he could immediately turn it into a park with a "reconstruction card"?

With this "national defense professional" legislator, I am afraid that it is the biggest crisis of our country's national security!