KMT candidate Wang Hongwei, a legislator of Taipei's third constituency by-election, called for votes at the Nanjing intersection in Songjiang on the morning of the 8th. The female attendant who applied to the police station was on the sidelines to keep an eye on the surrounding situation.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xinde)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] Wang Hongwei, a legislator candidate for the third electoral district of Taipei City (Zhongshan, Beisongshan) of the Kuomintang, recently threw out his political views on the extension of the nuclear second and nuclear third, which attracted opposition from the ring group. Democratic Progressive Party candidate Wu Yinong Yesterday I asked back, "Have you discussed this matter with Hou Youyi?" Taipower also clearly stated that it is not feasible, and it is irresponsible to discuss energy policy by way of market outcry.

Wang Hongwei said in an interview this morning, "I am an individual who can judge independently." I don't need to ask anyone but the people.

Wang Hongwei went to the intersection of Songjiang Road and Nanjing East Road early in the morning to ask for votes. After the interview, she was asked about Wu Yinong's criticism of the political opinions of the second and third nuclear wars. Wu Yinong also responded to the second and third nuclear service extensions in her political opinion. She must say, "I am an individual who can make independent judgments." Regarding energy issues, including power shortages and future electricity price increases, the public is very worried. Politicians should be It can be judged independently, "I don't need to ask anyone, I should ask the people."

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Wang Hongwei also said that Wu Yinong did not need to ask President Tsai Ing-wen or Premier Su Zhenchang to decide whether to support him. If Wu Yinong really had the opportunity to enter the Legislative Yuan in the future, would he really have to ask Tsai Ing-wen and Su Zhenchang to decide on his decision? Advise to interrogate him?

She felt that such a thing was impossible, and for her it was to ask the people, not any particular person.

The media asked if they wanted to have a debate?

Wang Hongwei said that now it seems that there are only political opinion conferences, so she hopes that in addition to political opinion conferences, there will be more discussions on many important public policies. If any media invites her to debate, she will definitely agree.

Regarding the fact that Wu Yinongjia LINE disappeared when a district chief complained to Wang Hongwei, Wang Hongwei said when she was asked about this matter, during her visit to the district chief, one of the district chiefs did respond. , Minquan Elementary School Anniversary I attend every year, and I dare not talk about other things in Zhongshan District, but there is indeed a village chief who told her that Wu Yinong added LINE with the village chief during the last election process, and never again AC, which was not active again until this election.