He Shengfeng, the chairman of the Nantou County Council of the Kuomintang, was involved in plagiarism in his master's thesis, and his degree was revoked by Asia University.

(File photo, provided by Asia University)

[Reporters Wu Shuwei, Lin Xiaoyun/Report from Taipei] KMT-born Nantou County Speaker He Shengfeng's master's thesis of Asia University was plagiarized, his master's degree was revoked, and the highest degree was changed to elementary school.

Supervisors Lai Dingming, Fan Xunlu, and Pu Zhongcheng pointed out yesterday that He Shengfeng took advantage of the "Wu Baochun Clause" to quickly obtain a master's degree from an elementary school degree in four years. Whether the admission with the same level of education was abused by the school is very serious and has applied for an automatic investigation.

Nantou Speaker Xun received a master's degree, sparking doubts

The Supervisory Committee pointed out that He Shengfeng, chairman of the Nantou County Council, advanced from an elementary school degree to a master's degree in bioinformatics and medical engineering at Asia University in only four years, which raised doubts about the university's "Wu Baochun Clause" for obtaining academic qualifications.

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The three supervisory committees pointed out that the admission method of equivalent academic ability for professional occupations and technical personnel or those with outstanding achievements in the professional field is suspected to be abused by the school; in addition, whether the Ministry of Education is actively reviewing the overall process of the degree awarding conditions, whether there is a lack of relevant control mechanisms, etc. , will dig deeper.

The three supervisory committees said that the Nantou County Speaker quickly obtained a master's degree with an elementary school education, and was involved in a plagiarism incident.

Whether the Ministry of Education has supervised and strictly reviewed the applicable qualifications of colleges and universities for the "Certificate of Equivalent Academic Ability for Admission to Universities", whether the school's supervisors have fulfilled their responsibility to check the quality of thesis, and whether the current degree-granting conditions for "practical" students are in line with the lifelong learning law. The intention, how the overall policy is implemented, whether or not foreign university graduation requirements have been considered, and the review and rolling revision of my country's academic qualifications policy are related to the overall quality of higher education and the trend of lifelong learning, and it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding.

The Ministry of Education stated that if a candidate wants to replace the academic qualifications required for the original application with "excellent performance in the professional field", the university needs to rigorously review "whether the professional performance is related to the major of the department to be applied for, and whether it has sufficient prior knowledge." "Preparation ability" to ensure a smooth transition to study after admission.

When the school is reviewing, it should invite scholars and experts in related fields to conduct a professional review, and then submit it to the school-level admissions committee for discussion and confirmation, so as to comply with strict laws and regulations. If there is no limit to improvement, the Ministry of Education will cancel its eligibility to apply the flexible admission regulations. In the future, it will cooperate with the investigation of the Overwatch Council and will assist in checking whether the universities are prudent and lawful in enrolling students and conferring degrees. If there are violations of laws and regulations, such students will be prohibited from enrolling.