Ukraine can receive powerful tanks from the West before the New Year.

This opinion was expressed by military expert and pilot-instructor Roman Svitan in a commentary on Channel 24.

We are talking about American tanks M1 Abrams and German Leopard-2.

Svitan believes that the Armed Forces have already prepared crews for these tanks.

The expert does not rule out that among the Ukrainian military, who underwent training in various European countries, there were also tankers.

"Germany really tied the transfer of its tanks to Ukraine to the US position on the transfer of Abrams tanks. But now it became known that the USA is transferring more than 100 Abrams tanks to the Poles, and confirmation of the transfer of Leopard-2 tanks from Germany to the ZSU. I think that Abrams is also will appear in our service - possibly through Poland.

Most likely, we will see about 200 heavy tanks.

These are heavy 60-ton machines.

They will show themselves on the battlefield as shock machines that will perform the task of entering certain borders," Svitan said.

According to him, such tanks will be able to perform tasks much more effectively than the old Soviet T-64 and T-72, which are in service with the Armed Forces.

The expert notes that in case of receiving three battalions of Western tanks, it is possible to strengthen the section of one of the four fronts.

If there are 6 battalions of new tanks, the Ukrainian military will be able to advance in some positions and even take certain parts of the occupying army into operational encirclement.

The M1 Abrams

is the main battle tank of the USA of the third generation.

It is one of the heaviest tanks, its combat weight exceeded 62 tons.

Leopard 2

is the main battle tank of Germany.

The Bundeswehr had 2,125 Leopard 2 tanks in service in 1990, but by 2008 their number had been reduced to 350.

It will be recalled that the Bundestag confirmed that the USA approves the transfer of tanks from Germany to Ukraine.

Earlier, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba spoke about the situation regarding the provision of Abrams tanks and Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine. 

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