A cat suddenly appeared at the Brazilian team's pre-match press conference a few days ago. A Brazilian official suddenly threw the cat off the table, and the reporters present were so frightened that they exclaimed.

(Picture taken from "@HaytersTV" Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Vincius Jr's, a 22-year-old football striker from Brazil, was answering questions with a Brazilian official at a press conference a few days ago. During the meeting, a cat suddenly jumped on the table and refused to leave. The Brazilian officials directly threw the cat off the table, and the reporter on the scene screamed out in fright.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Brazil has entered the quarter-finals a few days ago and will play against Croatia on the 9th of this month.

Brazil's 22-year-old striker Vinicius was interviewed by the media before the game, and another Brazilian official was present at the meeting.

During the press conference, a cat suddenly jumped onto the table. The unnamed official first touched the cat's head, then grabbed it by the back and threw it directly off the table.

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When this unexpected incident happened, the reporter immediately exclaimed after witnessing it. In the video, one reporter can also be heard gasping, as if frightened by the act of "throwing the cat".

After the video was uploaded to Twitter by netizens, many netizens did not take it seriously, saying that the pads on the soles of cats' feet can protect them from injury; but some people thought that the official was too rough, "I hope he can be gentle, cats have a life." what!"

A cat interrupted @vinijr's press conference ????

Not sure about the press officer's handling of the situation ????#FIFAWorldCup pic.twitter.com/ONSFaVaQ8K

— Hayters TV (@HaytersTV) December 7, 2022