There is a lot of traffic on the underpass of the Dongmen Land Bridge in Tainan City on weekdays.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] The progress of the underground railway project in Tainan City has exceeded 72%. In response to the project demand, the Dongmen Land Bridge including the locomotive underground will be closed for construction for 8 months from December 27. This railway runs through the east and west districts of Nanshi The main route is the daily life familiar to many people in Tainan. The underground locomotive lanes converge in three directions, which is also known as the "Bermuda Triangle". To the "different world".

During the closed construction period of the Dongmen Land Bridge including the locomotive underpass, the position of the pier will be adjusted, and the bridge deck will be demolished and rebuilt. At that time, the land bridge will resume traffic. Cars and locomotives can drive on the land bridge together, just like the temporary function of the temporary steel temporary bridge on Changrong Road. The land bridge will not be dismantled until the underground construction of the railway is completed and opened to traffic; and the underground locomotive tunnel conflicts with the underground construction site, and it will be permanently closed from December 27, saying goodbye to "everyday life of Tainan people"!

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Some people have questions, will locomotives and cars have to walk on the land bridge together?

The lane on the land bridge is only two cars wide, where should the locomotive go?

Without underground roads, it will only be more congested in the future. I am worried that the competition between cars and motorcycles may cause more danger and anxiety for knights.

The Nanshi Transportation Bureau stated that the opening of the land bridge will only allow cars and motorcycles to pass through, and large trucks will not be allowed to pass through. There will be supporting measures of limited height and weight, and the width of the bridge deck meets the standard for mixed-use lanes. Traffic rules originally prohibit cars and motorcycles from running side by side. Strengthen traffic publicity.

"Tainan-style" fans shared the news of the closed construction of the Dongmen Land Bridge, which brought back many people's memories of the times; netizens left comments, "This is a feeling that motorcycles are inferior. Cars use the overpass, and motorcycles use the dark and small lanes", "This is the best place. The bad thing is that there are often 89 and Lao Sanbao turning around at the dead corner under the bridge", "I must say this is more Bermuda than Nanzi Bermuda", "A friend in Kaohsiung once said: I just passed the jumping place on Shulin Street. Well, I feel like I have really become a part of Tainan; here is the same reason, an underground passage that leads to another world, although the traffic rush hour is dangerous but also very interesting, I hope Tainan will get better and better, I miss it Take it easy."

Some netizens also said, "The dog hole I grew up with is going to disappear," "The magical Tainan people's underground road is about to be closed. I think I didn't dare to ride a motorcycle through here when I came to Tainan to study, because I didn't know how to ride it! I feel like I will get lost if I ride it." ", "It is a very exciting underground locomotive lane, and it is also a road section that accompanied me from childhood to adulthood. I spent the first half of my life living around there, the East Gate Circle, the path next to the railway, the bookstore...", "Really memories There is one less place to listen to the sound of the tube", "Another memory of seven hotties is gone", "The footprints of the years are left to future generations to say".

In response to the needs of the underground construction project of the South Railway, the Dongmen Land Bridge will be closed for construction starting on December 27, and it is expected to resume traffic in August next year. Both cars and locomotives can drive on the overpass.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

The underground train lane of the Dongmen Land Bridge in Nanshi City will go into history at the end of December. Recently, people can be seen taking photos to commemorate the scene.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)

The underground trainway of the Dongmen Land Bridge will enter history at the end of December.

(Photo by reporter Hong Ruiqin)