The "American Association of State Offices" (ASOA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-hosted a reception today. Dozens of people participated in the event, including several directors of state offices.

The picture shows a group photo of directors of state offices of each state with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and AIT.

(Photographed by reporter Lu Yixuan)

[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] Taiwan-US relations have continued to deepen, and have gone hand in hand at both the central and local levels.

The "Association of State Offices of the United States" (ASOA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly hosted a reception today (8th). ASOA President Yan Shufen was interviewed and shared that three states have recently opened offices in Taiwan, including Minnesota, Pennsylvania and West In Virginia (restart), we can also look forward to the establishment of more state offices next year, "a lot to do"!

The purpose of the ASOA Association is to establish a positive image of the American states in Taiwan, conduct investment, trade, education, tourism and cultural exchanges and other promotional activities, and maintain good cooperative relations with the Taiwan government and private economic and trade, cultural, tourism and educational organizations.

Following the Thanksgiving dinner held last year, ASOA also held a year-end reception this year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) both sent officials to attend. ASOA new members Minnesota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Florida , Maryland and Missouri and other office directors in Taiwan attended.

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Yan Shufen said that ASOA is committed to strengthening relations with Taiwan, covering a wide range of trade and investment, biotechnology, AI artificial intelligence, machinery, medicine, education, tourism and culture.

There are currently 13 state offices as members, including the newly joined states of Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. It is expected that more state offices will be established next year; it is reported that there are currently at least 9 states such as North Carolina and Kansas. Arizona is interested in opening an office and is looking for details, and Arizona, where TSMC recently opened a factory, will also set up an office, and the preparations are the fastest.

Xu Youdian, director of the North American Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that he is very pleased to see that the development of Taiwan-US relations has continued to expand in breadth and depth this year. , and extensively signed memorandums of cooperation in economy and trade, industry, higher education and manpower training.

Taiwan also organized an agricultural delegation to visit the United States this year, visiting Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Idaho and Oregon, and continued to strengthen its economic and trade, science and technology, education and culture. , agriculture and other fields of cooperation.

Clint Brewer, acting head of the business group of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), said in a speech that Taiwan and the United States have always maintained close economic and trade ties. In 2021, the total value of U.S. exports of agricultural products and related products to Taiwan will be 3.94 billion US dollars. Taiwan is now the largest exporter of U.S. agricultural products. 6th largest market.

Bo Kanglin pointed out that as more and more Taiwanese companies are eager to invest in the United States, AIT is also working harder to bring more American states to Taiwan. "Negotiations with manufacturers will help them find a foothold in the United States.