Dolphins are rare and protected animals.

The picture is not a dolphin in this case.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] Tropical spotted dolphins are listed as precious and rare wild animals in Taiwan’s announcement. A man surnamed Yang traded with others in Chenggong Township Park, Taitung. He bought 217 kg of dolphin meat. The sea patrol officers seized it and brought it to justice. Taitung The district court sentenced him to July for violating the Wildlife Conservation Law. Yang Nan refused to accept it and appealed to the second and third instance, but the Supreme Court rejected the verdict.

The verdict pointed out that Mr. Yang knew that tropical spotted dolphins were precious and rare protected wild animals and could not be traded without the consent of the competent authority. Based on the criminal intention of illegally buying and selling the products of protected wild animals, at some time in the evening of August 9 last year, he was in Chenggong. The seaside park in the town bought 14 bags of slaughtered tropical spotted dolphins from an adult man whose real name and age were unknown at a price of 150 yuan per kilogram, and resold them for profit.

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The sea patrol officers and the police went to a certain place in Chenggong Township to conduct a search the next morning with the search ticket issued by the Taitung District Court, and seized the carcass of the dolphin on the spot; The court gave a lenient sentence of 7 months in prison, but Yang Nan admitted that the sentence was too severe and appealed to the second instance. The Hualien Higher Branch Court believed that the judge of the 1st trial was benevolent and sentenced him to 7 months in prison without any fine. , dismissed the appeal.

Yang then appealed to the third instance, and the judge of the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal because Yang Nan accused the original sentence of being unbalanced in sentencing, which was not a legal ground for appeal in the third instance.