The American authorities are working to strengthen the Ukrainian air defense system as much as possible.

This was


by the representative of the White House, Karin Jean-Pierre, during the briefing.

Journalists asked what the US authorities have to do with the fact that Berlin and Warsaw agreed to place the Patriot systems in Poland, and not in Ukraine.

Karin Jean-Pierre said that Washington welcomes the efforts of allies aimed at strengthening NATO's defense capabilities.

In addition, she noted that the authorities of Poland and Germany should be asked about the arrangements for the location of the systems.

"We are in close cooperation with the Ukrainians regarding their security needs. We are working on providing Ukraine with air defense systems, on this particular issue, about the Patriot complexes, I have nothing to announce today," she said.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Germany

refused to transfer Patriot systems to Ukraine


In addition, we previously informed that the difficulty of

Ukraine's accession to NATO is due to the position of France and Germany


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