The Ministry of Health of Ukraine writes about this in social networks.

Please note that in connection with the introduction of stabilizing power outages, which limit the operation of the Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System, a forced decision was made to change the reporting period for the incidence of COVID-19.

For the period from November 25 to December 1 in Ukraine:

  • 4,810 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 were recorded (of which 477 were children, 92 were medical workers);

Also for the past week:

  • hospitalized - 2,556 people,

  • fatalities – 54,

  • recovered - 7,185 people.

For the entire time of the pandemic in Ukraine:

  • fell ill - 5,346,094 people,

  • recovered - 5,216,924 people,

  • fatalities – 110,638,

  • 33,126,717 tests were conducted (by PCR and express methods).

For the period from 28.11 to 04.12:

  • 65,482 (by 15.6% more than the previous week) persons were vaccinated against COVID-19.

    During the reporting week, 11.1% of all vaccinations were first doses, 9.4% were second doses, 61% were first booster doses, and 18.5% were second booster doses.

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, 16,203,491 people have been vaccinated, of which 15,388,413 people received two doses, 2,902,215 people received the first booster dose, 165,664 people received the second booster dose, and 35,083 people received an additional dose.

It is important that more than 815,000 people have not received the second dose, and more than 12.4 million people have not yet received the first booster dose.

Vaccination against coronavirus

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You can sign up for vaccination against COVID-19 today at your family doctor or by calling the contact center of the Ministry of Health at 0-800-602-019.

You can learn more about vaccination on the website