Reporters and editors of "The New York Times" have announced a strike to demand a salary increase.

APA reports that information about this was published on the newspaper's website.

It was reported that more than 110 media workers, who announced a 24-hour strike, are demanding a 10 percent increase in their salaries.

The workers said that the negotiations between the company and the trade union were prolonged and no positive result was achieved.

The information stated that the contract between "The Times" and "The New York Times Guild" expired in March 2021, and 40 bargaining sessions were held since that time.

But negotiations over pay, health care, retirement opportunities and other issues have failed.

The contract negotiated by the trade union covers 1,450 of the approximately 1,800 employees of The New York Times newsroom.

Journalists have also planned a protest march in Manhattan today.

It was noted that "The New York Times" strike on this scale has not happened in the last 40 years.