The publication Politico recognized the President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyi

as the most influential person in Europe in 2022.

This is reported

by Politico


The message indicates that the European leaders who won the elections in their countries want to visit Kyiv as soon as possible to take a photo with the president of Ukraine.

"Standing with him is how politicians want to be seen. Zelenskyi has convinced the rest of Europe that its future is tied to Ukraine, something few believed before the Russian invasion in February. His communication skills were key. His rhetoric clearly indicates the maliciousness of the Russian regime, against which he is fighting, dispelling the belief of a large part of Europe - especially Berlin and Paris - that Moscow can be a partner,'' the journalists emphasized.

A total of 28 people made it to the rating of the most influential people in Europe, including 18 men and 10 women.

The rating includes politicians, educators, climatologists, diplomats and economists.

It is reported that the list was compiled on the basis of expert assessments, opinions of journalists and influential people with whom the publication communicated.

We will remind you that it was previously reported that the American magazine Time

called the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the "spirit of Ukraine" the person of 2022


In addition, we previously informed that 

Zelensky topped the list of the 50

 most influential Jews in the world in 2022 according to the version of the Israeli publication The Jerusalem Post.

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