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"Operation to evacuate Vladimir Putin abroad

Vladimir Putin - Russian politician.

Born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. Prez and his closest entourage are being prepared in the Kremlin," the US media "Daily Beast" wrote.

According to Putin's former speechwriter Abbas Galyamov, the plan is codenamed "Noah's Ark."

"The consideration of an option for emigration has already started this spring. The purpose of "Noah's Ark" is for the current rulers to find refuge in the event of an unfavorable development for the authorities," he added.

"The initial idea was that the quiet harbor would be China. Later, this option was dropped because Beijing will hardly afford the luxury of receiving Putin and the people around him," Galyamov also pointed out.

Is the Russian president fleeing to China?

"That's why later there was a change in the plan and eyes were directed to Latin American countries. Many countries from this region of the world do not extradite people. The most likely destination is Venezuela, ruled by the left-wing president Nicolás Maduro." added Putin's former speechwriter.

"Igor Sechin was spotted on the resort island of Margarita. The head of the state company Rosneft bought a lot of top-class real estate," the US media added, quoting Galyamov.

Vladimir Putin