The authorities of the United States of America and Congress are interested in implementing Ukraine's idea of ​​creating a special


for crimes of Russian aggression.

This was stated by former US ambassador to Ukraine and vice president of the United States Institute of Peace, William Taylor, Ukrinform writes.

"The United States is interested in this, and I know that the State Department and the National Security Council are looking at this issue to see how we can help," Taylor said.

The official emphasized that the US government is already helping Ukraine in the process of bringing Russia to justice, in particular, in gathering evidence, as well as in political support.

In his opinion, the Congress is also moving in the right direction in this matter.

The expert hopes that the position of legislators in support of the creation of a special tribunal will also influence the position of the US State Department.

"And we will see how Ukraine succeeds in creating a special tribunal with either the UN or the European Union," Taylor said.

Now this is facilitated by the growing need to establish justice for crimes in Ukraine.

"So I think we will have it (a special tribunal - ed.)," summed up the US ambassador.

Special Tribunal for Russia

We will remind that 

the NATO Parliamentary Assembly supports the idea of ​​creating a special tribunal to convict Russia of war crimes against Ukraine and Ukrainians


France also 

started work on creating a special tribunal for Russia


In Paris, they say, the fight against impunity for crimes committed by Russians in Ukraine is a priority for France. 

Previously, the head of the Ukrainian state

Volodymyr Zelensky called on the world to create a special tribunal to punish the Russian Federation

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