Bakhmut is not of any strategic importance for Russia in the war against Ukraine, but the occupiers want to seize this city for propaganda purposes, to show the Russians "victory". 

Ivan Stupak, military expert of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, said this in an interview with

"The so-called "battle for Donbas" has been going on for several months. Now the situation has reached the point where the Russians are fighting for the "garage cooperative". The nuance of the battles for Bakhmut is the figure of Prigozhin himself, because the "Wagnerians" are mostly fighting in this direction. . Prigozhin is a partner of the Russian Kovalchuk brothers, and they are the closest people to Putin. Prigozhin "straightened his shoulders", saying that Shoigu couldn't, but he could. Time is running out - there are no victories and they are beginning to eat him. There is already a video , in which the ex-convict tells intimate details about Prigozhin. And this encourages him to take at least something in the east of Ukraine by any means. If it is necessary to put a hundred thousand people, he will do it," said Stupak. 

The military expert emphasized that the "capture" of Bakhmut is important for the Russians in order to show at least some result in the war against Ukraine. 

"They have no victories, the Kremlin needs to show something to Russian society, which is trying to "close" itself from the war. They have already stopped looking at the propagandists. The Kremlin sees that the people are distancing themselves, and a new wave of mobilization must be made. Bakhmut has no strategic importance for Bakhmut. And I believe that there are still no prospects for advancement for the Russians," explained Ivan Stupak. 

Battles for Bakhmut 

The Ukrainian city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region became the hottest point of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The Okupats are trying to capture this city by all the methods available to them, sparing their soldiers. 

Active hostilities in the Bakhmut direction have been ongoing since May 2022.

Kremlin propaganda has repeatedly stated that the Russian military has already seemingly entered the city, but the Armed Forces continue to hold the defense firmly.

Russian regular army and mercenaries of PMK "Wagner" suffer heavy losses.

Footage of Bakhmut's defense on the Internet is compared with photos from the First World War.

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