The European Commission is going to harm the "military-industrial complex of Russia" with a new package of sanctions that affect a number of industries.

In addition, the EU wants to strike at Russian propaganda.

This is reported by Politico.

The new sanctions package aims to suppress the "strengthening of Russian industrial potential".

Another 169 organizations supplying goods "that can contribute to the technological improvement of the Russian defense and security sector" will be added to the "EU blacklist".

These include, in particular, drone engines, chemical and biological equipment, riot control equipment and electronic components.

The EU also wants to expand the list of sanctioned goods for use in the aviation and space industry, "in particular aircraft engines and their parts".

"Laptops, hard drives, cameras and lenses" also fall under the restrictions.

In a separate document with a list of new organizations that are threatened with sanctions, the broadcasting licenses of NTV/NTV Mir, Rossiya 1, REN TV and First Channel will also be suspended.

The third document, which concerns persons who will be included in the ninth package of sanctions of the European Commission, imposes new restrictions on several paramilitary formations and organizations that advocate the supremacy of the white race, and also imposes sanctions on Yan Igorevich Petrovsky, the commander of the so-called operational group "Rusych ", which has close ties with PMV "Wagner".  

It should be noted that a new package of EU sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine may be adopted this Friday, December 9.

The package includes a number of proposals presented by Poland with the support of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

In turn, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, called on the European Union 

to introduce sanctions against everything that can help Russia manufacture missiles with

 which it fires Ukrainian infrastructure.

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