Ke surnamed had dinner with neighbors and friends drinking whiskey at noon. After a short break in the afternoon, he drove a large truck on National Highway No. 3 to deliver goods northward. He chased and hit the small truck in front of him. The alcohol test value of the police exceeded the standard.

The picture shows a schematic diagram of the national road.

(The picture is taken from the 1968 website)

[Reporter Chen Fengli/Report from Nantou] Driving a large truck in Nantou County. Before work, I went to a neighbor’s house to eat, drink and chat. After more than an hour, I drove the large truck to deliver meat to National Highway No. 3. Soon after entering the National Highway, I ran into a small truck. Fortunately The driver of the small truck was not injured. The National Highway Police came to deal with it after receiving the report. The driver of the large truck was tested for alcohol. His breath alcohol concentration reached 0.42 mg per liter, which exceeded the standard. The Nantou District Court recently exhaled while driving a power vehicle. Containing an alcohol concentration of more than 0.25 milliliters per liter, he was sentenced to 4 months in prison.

A 49-year-old man surnamed Ke had dinner at a neighbor’s house at noon on National Day this year and drank whiskey. The dinner lasted until 1:00 p.m. Later, a friend drove him to the Nantou Meat Market for a rest. At 3:30 p.m., After carrying the meat, he drove northward to deliver the goods. The car went on National Highway No. 3 and drove 227.3 kilometers northward. It lost control and ran into the small truck in front. The driver of the small truck was not injured, but the car was damaged, so he called the police.

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The police from National Highway No. 7 Team came to deal with the accident, and administered alcohol tests to both the driver surnamed Ke and the driver of the pickup truck. As a result, the alcohol test value of the man surnamed Ke exceeded the standard, with an alcohol concentration of 0.42 mg per liter. The neighbors drank some whiskey at a dinner party, but they had to rest for more than an hour after drinking. Unexpectedly, the alcohol concentration in the body still exceeded the standard.

Since Conan had drunk driving in 2015, he was sentenced to 3 months in prison. Later, Yike fined 90,000 yuan, and the judge of Nantou District Court believed that he knew that drunk driving would be punished, but he was still greedy for the convenience of his own transportation. This is the second recidivism, the report is good that no passer-by was injured or injured, and considering his confession attitude after committing the crime, he was sentenced to 4 months in prison.

☆Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health, and drinking and driving is prohibited☆