In the temporarily occupied Berdyansk of the Zaporizhzhia region, powerful explosions rang out at the air base.

After that, a fire broke out there. 

This was reported to "Suspilny" by the head of the Berdyanska city military administration Viktoriya Galitsyna.

According to Galitsina, three powerful explosions were heard at first, after which 15 more explosions of lesser force were heard.

Almost all the ambulances and fire engines that were in the city went to the scene. 

A large-scale fire broke out at the air base. 

Occupation of Berdyansk 

Russian invaders occupied Ukrainian Berdyansk back in February.

In March, residents of the city staged large-scale protests and demanded that the occupiers leave Berdyansk.

People did it at the risk of their own lives.

On March 20, it became known that the Russians are detaining participants in pro-Ukrainian protest actions and severely beating them.

On March 24, it became known that in the port of Berdyansk, the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian ship "Orsk" and damaged three more vessels of the occupiers. 

Also, explosions have been heard in Berdyansk since the beginning of the war.

There, Ukrainian partisans liquidate the traitors who became the Gauleiter of the city. 

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