Domineering Xiao Qikai is opposite Changhua Prison.

(Photo by reporter Yan Hongjun)

[Reporter Yan Hongjun/Changhua Report] 7-ELEVEN stores are usually opened in densely populated areas, but the surrounding sparsely populated Changhua Prison has recently opened a "Xiaoqi" store. Who will come here to shop?

It has become a topic of conversation among Erlin people. Some people call it "the most domineering little seven in Taiwan, which is specially sold to the boss of the prison", while others say "the boss opened it himself."

This store covers an area of ​​nearly 1,000 ping, and the parking lot in front is enough to park 2 to 30 small passenger cars. It is located opposite Changhua Prison, and the neighbors next to it either sell "meeting dishes" or betel nuts.

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The "Xiaoqi" was built opposite the prison, which aroused the great curiosity of Erlin people. Because Changhua Prison is surrounded by sugarcane fields of Taiwan Sugar, and there are no villages or schools nearby, why did someone put "Xiaoqi" opposite the prison?

A person from Erlin who is familiar with the operation of the prison said that the detainees inside are not allowed to come out at all, and there is no vacation for walking, and the prison staff cannot help the detainees to buy things. .

Some people also focused their attention on the Changhua Detention Center which is under construction. It is located next door to Changjian. Some people said that "Xiaoqi" might be blocked in advance because of the business opportunity of the "detention center" in the future. However, some people on the Internet said that , the detainees in the detention center are locked in there, who will come out to consume?

There are even popular rumors that the "boss" in the prison "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with more than 10,000 people likes to drink Xiaoqi coffee, so he opened a supermarket here, but it cannot be confirmed.

The reporter privately asked the store staff to verify that it was not what the public thought. They said that the Erlin Fangyuan extension line of Taiwan Line 76 is expected to be completed on August 9, 2026. Erlin's Erxi Road Interchange is next to Changhua Prison. It is the only road leading to Erlin City. In the future, when you turn to Erlin City from Taiwan Highway 76, you will encounter this "Xiaoqi" immediately. The reason for booking in advance is that the current land rent is very cheap, and now Opening a store can provide business opportunities for the construction workers of the detention center. In the future, the extension of Taiwan Line 76 will be fully opened to traffic, and there should be a lot of people here.