In order to promote interaction with the local area, the Dadushan Local Education Creation Red Feisha team will hold the "Datushan Community Carnival" on December 10.

(Provided by the Red Feisha team)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] "Dadushan Hongfeisha" is a local education creation team established by Tunghai University's Social Responsibility Practice Program (USR), and has been cultivating in the local area since 107.

In order to promote interaction with the local area, the "Dadushan Community Carnival" will be held at Rui'an Palace this Saturday (10th). Through a series of activities such as film salons, crafts fairs, community day reading, and hand-made experiences, the public is invited to participate , to better understand their own hometown, and also provide a stage for local workers to show themselves.

The organizer stated that the Hongfeisha team has been cultivating in the communities around Longjing and Dadu for 5 years, and there are many units that have cooperated with them for a long time. In the past, they held an exhibition of achievements every year, but this form is very accessible to local residents. relatively insufficient.

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In order to promote public participation, the Dadushan Red Flying Sands team organized the "Datushan Community Carnival", hoping to let the public have a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural background of their hometown, and get to know many characteristic stores and shops in Longjing and Dadu areas that do not operate online fans. Professionals, falling in love with their hometown, local youths can proudly say "I am from Dadu Mountain" when they go to study or work in other places.

The organizers reminded that because the Ruijing community is a quiet and beautiful alley, it cannot afford to pass by cars. It is recommended that the public first park at Qingshun Palace or the white line on the side of No. 800 Huashan Road, and then take a shuttle bus or walk to the event venue.