A police officer surnamed Zheng from the Ninth Brigade of the National Highway Police Department is suspected of making friends online and sexually assaulting teenagers in public toilets in Taipei City.

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[Reporter Qian Lizhong/Taipei Report] The former police officer surnamed Zheng of the Ninth Brigade of the National Highway Police Department met and invited teenagers to meet him from the Internet. In November this year, he was prosecuted for nine crimes of aggravated forced sexual intercourse, and child and juvenile sexual exploitation prevention regulations. The Taipei District Prosecutor's Office identified thirteen more victimized juveniles from his collection of obscene images. He made additional prosecutions, and the two waves of prosecutions have found that 22 teenagers were victims.

After the case was exposed, the National Highway Police Department urgently convened a performance appraisal committee and dismissed Zheng Nanji for his two major mistakes.

The youngest person who invites friends online is only 13 years old

According to investigations by the police, Zheng Nan was suspected of abducting a 15-year-old boy to sexually assault a public toilet in an electronic shopping mall in Zhongzheng District, Taipei City in early September by making friends online; the prosecutors followed the line and arrested Zheng Nan to In the case, although he admitted to having sexual relations with the teenager, he denied sexual assault, emphasizing that it was consensual sexual intercourse.

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According to the investigation by the police, among the 22 teenagers who were victimized, the youngest was only thirteen years old. Many of them, out of curiosity about sex, agreed to Zheng Nan's request for a date, and half-pushed and half-way with Zheng Nan when they were not deeply involved in the world. The male had sex until the family of the 15-year-old victim noticed the abnormality and reported the case. The police went to Zheng Nan's residence to search and found dozens of juveniles being filmed indecent images from his personal computer. The whole case was not exposed.

After the incident, he was dismissed with two major demerits

On September 12 this year, Zheng Nan admitted to having sexual relations with the teenager after being detained and brought to the case, but denied sexual assault.

However, the prosecutors found in their computer several obscene images of boys wearing junior high school uniforms. In the first wave, nine of the victims were identified. The identities of the three victims are Zheng Nan who has been in custody since the incident. After being charged yesterday, the case will be jointly tried by the Taipei District Court.

The 5th Brigade of National Highway has recorded 12 times in a row

The police officer surnamed Zheng has been dismissed for two major demerits after the incident. When the police officer surnamed Zheng (two lines and two stars) was seized, he had just been promoted to the eighth sequence of police officers from the Fifth National Highway Brigade (Kaohsiung area). For less than three months in office, the Police Administration has approved that the chief officer of the Ninth Brigade will not be held jointly and severally liable. After serving as the team leader, the immediate supervisors, the team leader, deputy team leader, inspector team leader, resident inspector and other police officers were punished with one demerit or two demerits, a total of twelve consecutive demerits.