The State Emergency Service has deployed 1,072 "Points of Invincibility", of which:

  • 755 stationary points on the basis of fire and rescue units;

  • 315 mobile points based on tents;

  • 2 mobile points based on vehicles.

In total, since the beginning of operation (from November 18, 2022), these "Points" have provided assistance to more than 198,000 people, including more than 178,000 people in tent-based mobile points.

Over the past 24 hours, more than 8,000 people have been helped at the "Points", including more than 7,000 people in tents.

We remind you that in such "Points of Invincibility", despite a power outage, the availability of heat, water, lighting, mobile communication, the Internet, power for mobile devices, places to rest, first-aid kits, provisions for mothers and children is assumed.

Completing and functioning of "Points of invincibility" is carried out taking into account the available resources of executive power bodies and local self-government bodies.

On the special website - - there is a map of such points throughout the country.

It is constantly updated. 

We recommend that you write down the addresses of the nearest "Points of Invincibility" in case of an emergency disconnection of communication or electricity.

The work of "Points of Invincibility" in Ukraine

We will remind you that earlier

in Zaporizhzhia, a man who had a stroke was saved at the "Point of Invincibility"


The man could not speak or move, and later he fainted.


the "Point of Invincibility" was opened in Kyiv at the Lukyaniv Prison


It works around the clock.

The room is warm, there is electricity, hot tea and the Internet. 

In addition, checked the work of "Points of Invincibility" in Buch


In "Points of Unbreakability" you can charge phones, power banks, drink hot tea and work with a laptop.

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