On Thursday, December 8, Russian terrorists shelled the Kharkiv region with rockets.

Some of the missiles were shot down by air defense, but one of them hit a residential building. 

This was reported by the head of Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov. 

"Part of the Russian rockets were shot down by air defense forces. One of the rockets hit a private home, unfortunately, it is known about 3 more wounded: a man and two women. Emergency medical teams are working on the spot," Sinegubov said. 

We will remind, in the evening of December 8, an air alert was announced in the Kharkiv region.

After that, explosions were heard in the region.

The occupiers targeted the apartment building.

Earlier it was reported about one victim, later the number of victims increased. 

Missile attacks on Ukraine 

Russia has been shelling Ukraine with missiles since February 24.

People's deputy, member of the VRU committee on national security, defense and intelligence, representative of the president in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Fedir Venislavskyi said that since February 24, Russian terrorists have destroyed

 38,000 residential buildings, 2,719 educational institutions and more than 1,250 medical institutions. 

Since October 10, Russia has been shelling Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

The Russians last launched a massive missile strike on December 5.

70 rockets were fired over Ukraine, of which 60 were shot down. 

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