The President awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to military pilot Vadym Voroshilov with the call sign "Karaya".

This is reported by "Operative ZSU".

Military pilot Vadim Voroshilov successfully destroys enemy missiles in the Ukrainian sky.

On October 12, "Karaya" destroyed 5 Iranian drones and enemy missiles over Vinnytsia and ejected due to damage to the aircraft, having previously led the fighter away from the settlement.

"On the fourth day after the ejection, they visited the scene, apologized for the inconvenience caused to the residents of the community, thanked for the nerves of steel, comprehensive assistance provided during the evacuation and faith in the Armed Forces," the pilot later wrote on Instagram.

Vadym Voroshilov was awarded the "For Merit to Vinnytsia" award on Armed Forces Day for taking the plane away from residential buildings.

Call sign KARAYA, the Ukrainian pilot chose Erich Hartmann as the most productive German fighter pilot of the Second World War.

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