The picture shows the Stryker armored vehicle.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] After years of development and months of delays, the U.S. Army will form a Stryker armored platoon next month with a prototype laser weapon.

"TASK AND PURPOSE" reported that the first Stryker armored platoon will consist of DE M-SHORAD Stryker armored vehicles and will be equipped with a 50kW (kilowatt) power laser weapon "Guardian". It debuted at the Fort Sill Army Base in Oklahoma in July.

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A spokesperson for the U.S. Army's Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) said it has prepared new equipment for training and deployment of new equipment for the new armored platoon.

The report pointed out that although the development process has been delayed, the RCCTO spokesman pointed out that the key subsystems and other components of the weapon were successfully demonstrated in New Mexico in March this year. According to the contractor Raytheon, the prototype laser weapon Capture, track, target and hit multiple mortars to successfully complete multiple tests of simulated scenarios.

As for the advantages of laser weapons, the U.S. Army has previously pointed out that laser weapons are lethal to unmanned aerial systems, rockets and mortars, can increase the Army's air defense and missile defense capabilities, and at the same time reduce the overall system by reducing logistical requirements. Lifecycle costs.