The "substitute president of Russia" Dmytro Medvedev suddenly thanked Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyi for his refusal to negotiate with Russia. 

He wrote about this on his Telegram channel. 

A Russian official who, according to the media, abuses alcohol, threw a tantrum because Time magazine  named the President of Ukraine

 Volodymyr Zelensky and the "spirit of Ukraine" as the

person of 2022 .

Medvedev called on Russian propagandists to keep up with reputable Western journalists and also "celebrate" the Ukrainian leader. 

Marazmatyk Medvedev thanked Zelensky for his position on refusing negotiations with Russia.

According to the "reserve president" of the aggressor country, in this way "Russia will be able to complete its work and will not have to agree to a compromise." 

Zelenskyi and the "spirit of Ukraine" became the person of the year according to Time magazine

The authoritative magazine Time called the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi and the "spirit of Ukraine" the person of 2022.

Correspondent Simon Shuster writes that Zelensky's success as a wartime leader depended on the fact that courage is "contagious."

It spread among the political leadership of Ukraine in the first days of the Russian invasion - when 

everyone understood that the president was staying.

The Western press did not ignore the Russian dictator either.

The well-known publication Politico recognized Putin as the "loser of the year."

They believe that due to the war against Ukraine, Russia has become a "third-level" country. 

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