Former Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that


is sensitive to nuclear weapons, and therefore Beijing does not like the intimidation of dictator Vladimir Putin.

The diplomat expressed this opinion on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

According to him, Chinese leader Xi Jinping is not happy that Putin is constantly twisting his propaganda.

"Putin promised him an easy ride in the form of a special military operation. Now the Chinese see that they have a large part of Russian weapons, a large part of officers and generals who studied in Russian academies, and 70% of Russian weapons were in China. Now the Chinese want in a few years to bring this number to 20%. They understood what Russian weapons are," explained Klimkin.

The ex-minister emphasizes that Xi Jinping will not be able to influence the head of the Kremlin only if there is a collapse in Putin's entourage or in the Russian army.

"China is sensitive to nuclear weapons. For China, the use of nuclear weapons is a disaster. Because Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam have money and technological capabilities. They will become nuclear in the next years. For China, the proliferation of nuclear weapons is a real disaster ", Pavlo Klimkin added.

It will be recalled that 

Xi Jinping declared the need to end the war in Ukraine through peace negotiations


He said that there is "the interest of Europe and Asia" in this. 

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