People's Party legislator Gao Hongan's assistant Fei is involved in lawsuits.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] People's Party legislator Gao Hongan's assistant fee case is entangled in lawsuits. Taipei City Councilor Lin Yingmeng once analyzed that Gao Hongan will definitely be prosecuted. After the election, Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe's criticism of Gao Hongan's "state machine" on the judicial investigation is really hilarious , She thinks that Ke Wenzhe is like a machine, "most of his speeches are just copying and broadcasting popular Internet speeches. It sounds like there is something, but it's just arranging and combining."

Lin Yingmeng’s PO article said that before the election, she said that according to Gao Hong’an’s disclosure of the content of the evidence for her assistant fee payment, “she must have something to do, and she will be sued later.” It's gone."

Lin Yingmeng pointed out that Ke Wenzhe did not dare to tell Gao Hongan to "explain to the judiciary by himself, or he will go to jail", but only said "the state apparatus, only check 600,000 fraudulent assistant fees", these reactions made her feel very funny, "The two The content of the sentence that seems to conflict is what he has said."

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Lin Yingmeng said that the Gao case entered the normal judicial process, and the investigation would have continued. Failure to investigate clearly and indulge or wrong people is dereliction of duty. "The controversial special investigation team in ancient times has long been abolished. It has nothing to do with the state apparatus.” What is Ke Wenzhe nervous about?

"He is afraid of affecting his own path to the presidency. For his own power, he can say anything."

Lin Yingmeng commented that Ke Wenzhe's conflicting remarks have never been surprising. "He has no core values, and he will make completely conflicting words and deeds because of the situation and the direction of the wind." But he is more like a machine than a thinking person, " Most of them are just copying and playing popular Internet speeches, which sound like there is something, but they are just constantly permuting and combining.”

She pointed out that Gao Hongan's case is the standard newspaper of the present world, "these judicial cases will continue to linger them", and Ke Wenzhe's famous saying "every day with his mouth and cyber army in politics, he will suffer retribution" can be returned to himself. Gao Hongan was elected as the mayor of Hsinchu , "It just so happens that this place becomes a stage, and everyone can enjoy this big show slowly."