Schematic diagram of drone performances around the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang / Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau has a new move!

It is announced today that from now until November 25 next year, groups of more than 500 people who come to Kaohsiung for an incentive tour must stay at least 1 night and visit designated scenic spots, and they can apply for a unique custom-made drone welcome performance in Taiwan. The number of planes will increase with the number of people, up to 200 or more, so that the tour group can enjoy the honor of being at home.

The Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau’s customized UAV welcome program is an exclusive performance service launched in Taiwan in cooperation with Shih-Chien University for the first time combining industry-government-academia resources, hoping to accelerate the take-off of Kaohsiung’s convention, exhibition and tourism industry.

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Zhou Lingyu, director of the Tourism Bureau, said that in order to encourage large-scale life insurance companies to travel to Kaohsiung, the Tourism Bureau previously exhibited a drone performance, which was full of praise from the visiting groups, and the level of eye-catching was beyond the charts. It also did a lot of great non-material publicity for Kaohsiung.

This time, I am very happy to cooperate with the local Drone Center of Shijian University to integrate the power and resources of the industry, government and academia, to plan a trial program for regular exhibitions, to provide large groups at home and abroad to handle MICE activities, and to apply for exclusive customization The drone show creates a unique international highlight.

Ding Binshou, President of Shijian University, also pointed out that drones have been used in many fields in recent years. Shijian University has set up the first remote-control drone operation certificate examination room in Gaoping District. The school has professional teachers, talents, technologies, and fields. In terms of innovation and application of cultural and creative industries, it has rich practical experience.

I am very happy to see the success of the normal drone cooperation. I am very grateful to the Gaoshi Tourism Bureau for providing the industry-government-university cooperation opportunity. In the training of students, it can better demonstrate the integration of learning and application, and provide students with an innovative learning model combined with practical fields.

The Tourism Bureau added that from now until November 25th next year (112), if any relevant organization plans to come to Kaohsiung for group tourism and meets the relevant application requirements, they are welcome to apply to the Tourism Bureau. The number of group applicants for this time is 500 to 999 People can provide more than 50 drone performances; 1000 to 1499 people can provide more than 100 drones; more than 1500 people can provide more than 200 drone performances.

In addition to planning a customized drone show for the company, it will also perform special performances in conjunction with relevant activities of the Tourism Bureau next year, so that domestic and foreign people can see a brand-new transformation of Kaohsiung, so as to attract more large-scale incentive tour groups to Kaohsiung and promote tourism. Economic development, for more travel information, please visit the official website of the Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung Tourism, Facebook fans, and IG.

Schematic diagram of the drone performance in the heart of the river of love.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)