, invitations to military training began to be sent to men in 2023.

The story of one such challenge gained wide publicity in the Polish mass media.

Wiadomosci writes about this, referring to the story of one of the Poles.

A resident of the city of Seradz claims that he received a summons from the Military Commissariat, where he was informed that he must undergo military training, which will begin on March 27, 2023.

They will last 33 days.

The Pole is surprised by the situation and says that he is a civilian and has never been connected with the army before and did not want to serve there, and the only time he passed the military commission was at the age of 18. 

"There was little explanation on the spot, the main explanation being that the appointments are made possible by the new Homeland Defense Act, they are mandatory and can only be exempted by a D/E category or other medical contraindications. I was also told that the training was ending a military oath," he claims.

The central military conscription point commented on this situation and said that the described case of the man corresponds to the draft Resolution of the Council of Ministers on determining the number of persons who in 2023 can undergo military service in the reserve within the scope of the exercises.

They say that the number of those called up for training, compared to 2022, has not changed.

"This case corresponds to the Law on the Protection of the Fatherland. Every man after passing military qualifications goes to the passive reserve. A call to the military commissariat is to clarify the data. Then only the second stage is the decision on appointment," explained the spokeswoman of lieutenant colonel Yustyna Balik and added, "For people like the above-mentioned gentleman from Seradz will be given basic training, which will end with an oath, and will be assigned a mobilization assignment after graduation.

The communique specified that persons from the passive reserve who "have a regulated attitude to military service, do not undergo any other type of military service and have not reached the age of 55" are called up for military training.

The military explained that by assigning these people to training, "we are tapping into the potential of people who have desirable, useful qualifications for the needs of the Polish Army and have not undergone military training."

It is emphasized that

in 2023 calls for military exercises will mostly concern persons deployed on mobilization tasks.

It was also explained there that military exercises can be: one-day, short-term - lasting up to 30 days continuously;

long-term - lasting up to 90 days continuously;

rotational - with a total duration of up to 30 days and carried out with breaks. 

Earlier it became known that 

bomb shelters are being checked in Poland

and they are working on creating a special application where, if necessary, it will be possible to find the nearest safe place.

In Poland, they say that you should be prepared for different scenarios.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of Poland called 

an extremely high probability of war with their participation


The head of the Ministry of Defense emphasized that Poland's foreign and defense policy should be aimed at strengthening relations with like-minded people around the world.

In turn, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, the coordinator of Poland's special services, Mariusz Kaminski, warned that "Russia and Belarus 

can unfreeze a hybrid war with Poland. 

On December 7, Russian dictator Putin issued a new statement regarding Poland.

He envisioned "Polish aggression" against western Ukraine,

he proposed to our state that "Russia become a guarantor of security."

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