History of the holiday

December 8 is not the only date associated with the profession of an artist.

For example, Ukraine celebrates this day in October.

Some creative associations propose holding a holiday on October 25, the birthday of Pablo Picasso, whom masters and connoisseurs of painting consider the most outstanding artist of the 20th century.

Artist's Day is a holiday not only for professionals and lovers of painting.

Creativity preserves in a person the opportunity to rejoice in the world and love it.

Therefore, today's holiday is for all lovers of beauty.

Congratulations on the Artist's Day - prose and poems

We congratulate everyone on the Artist's Day,

We will pay tribute for talent

And we wish for inspiration in life

For the ability to enter the past,

For the ability to appreciate the beautiful,

For the ability to see the world And for the fact that the

Ray of flair

will never fade .

We send our greetings

to those who were able to convey all the most sincere feelings

on canvas.

Their creations are the most valuable for us.

We congratulate them today!


Happy Artist's Day!

You can draw not only for galleries, but also for your soul... So let there always be a moment and the right materials for your hobby!

Be a creative and cheerful person, because the world is so big and needs your special artistic appreciation!


On your professional Artist's Day, I want to wish that exhibitions take place in the best galleries in the world, that collectors line up for your masterpieces, and that new price records are always set at auctions.


On this wonderful day of the Artist, I wish that all dreams and wishes come true as quickly as paint dries on a canvas, so that the fresh shine of colors never fades, and the smell of paint always fills the heart with joy and creativity.


On Artist's Day, accept my congratulations and praise for the fact that, diving headlong into creativity, you do not forget that there is no limit to the improvement of talent!

I wish you to reach the desired heights and always appreciate yourself!


Who said that an artist paints still lifes?

Draw what your heart desires and win fans with your extraordinary talent!

Make your destiny without worries and worries, like your most important and beautiful masterpiece!

Give freedom to creative passion!

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