North Korea

, local authorities have announced a nationwide campaign, during which residents will be offered to change their name to "revolutionary" and "socialist".

This is reported

by Radio Free Asia


Residents of the country like to give women the names Ah Ri (Beloved) and Su Mi (Beautiful), but the authorities do not like this and propose to change such names to more "revolutionary" ones.

In particular, a list was published that, according to the authorities, are "correct" and carry an ideological content: Jeong Sim (loyalty), Jeong Il (gun), Pok Il (bomb) or Ui Song (satellite).

Citizens were given time until the end of the year, otherwise they will pay a fine.

It will be recalled that it was previously reported that

 three teenagers were shot in North Korea for watching and selling films from neighboring South Korea.

In addition, we previously reported that 

Kim Jong-un awarded several medals to the ballistic missile


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